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19 Times Target Delivered You From Evil

You can do all things through Target who strengthens you.

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1. When you needed new body wash, and Target provided a bottle that was on sale.

Bless you, Target, for saving me from the hell that is full price anything.

2. When you needed a serious boost to make it through your week, and Target provided you with a gift.

Ask Target, and you shall receive.

3. When you just REALLY needed a snack, and the Target food court provided you with a salty delight.

Give me salt and carbs, or give me death.

4. Or when you just REALLY needed some caffeine, and Target provided you with Starbucks.

A true gift from above.


5. When you needed a better way to drink your coffee every morning, and you found it in a new mug from Target.

May your lips never touch anything less than a doughnut mug.

6. When you needed a quick refreshment and the Target brand Simply Balanced was there to quench your thirst.

It gives you LIFE.

7. When you needed a little extra inspiration and found it hidden in the Target shelves.

:: prayer hands emoji ::

8. When you didn't even know you needed new makeup, until you saw the Target makeup sale.

And Target saved your bank account.


9. When you were giving a gift and needed to present it with some flair.

Target saves you from using newspaper wrapping.

10. When you wanted to wear combat boots, but also wanted to avoid re-entering your goth stage.

Target loves you, even at your darkest.

11. When you needed a prescription filled, but also wanted to look for new clothes.

If Target is for us, who can be against us?

12. When you needed your feet to feel as beautiful as the rest of your body.

Target is there when you least expect it.


13. When you just couldn't be bothered to leave the house but still wanted to feel Target's presence.

The app is always there for you.

14. When you realized that eating could be even MORE fun with fun bowls.

Draw near to Target, and Target will draw near to you.

15. When you were having a less-than-perfect day, and came home to a package from Target.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

16. When you didn't think you could ever love a Target more, until you found the new one in your neighborhood.

And you vowed to never question your faith again.


17. When your shopping trip went over budget, until your REDcard discount saved you.

Which meant you had even MORE money to spend at Target in the future.

18. When it was bathing suit season, but Target made it feel OK.

Give thanks to Target.

19. And when you realized that no matter what happened — Target would always be there for you.

Delight in Target, and it will give you the desires of your heart.