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    Jul 30, 2015

    21 People Who Are Way Better At Flirting Than You Will Ever Be

    Talk flirty to me.

    1. This astronomy fanatic:

    2. This person who luckily watched a lot of Sesame Street:

    3. This person who is just offering a solution to the problem:

    4. This person asking the correct questions:

    5. This person who doesn't waste any time and gets straight to the point:

    6. This person who knows exactly how to be romantic:

    7. This person who got too literal:

    8. This person who has serious standards and they involve goats, obviously:

    9. This person who, tbh, is smooth AF:

    10. This person who has their priorities in order:

    11. This person who doesn't bother to sugarcoat anything:

    12. This person who relies on pictures to do the talking:

    13. This person who dreams and tells:

    14. This person who knows what their assets are and isn't afraid to use them:

    15. This person who isn't afraid to say "no":

    16. This person who invented the art of pickup lines:

    17. This person who, regardless of love, never lets a grammatical error slide:

    18. This person who isn't afraid to ask for help:

    19. Christina, who insists on making her OWN decisions:

    20. This person who can make just about anything sound romantic:

    21. And this person who pretty much has a PhD in flirting:

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