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    Posted on Oct 12, 2015

    For Everyone Who Goes To Ikea For The Food

    Food > Furniture

    Ikea: the dream store of twentysomethings everywhere. It has everything you could ever want and need.

    But I think it's time we talk about the REAL reason we all go to Ikea...and that reason is the Ikea restaurant.

    It's OK...this is a safe place to admit it. Sure, furniture is great. Bedding is cool. Pots and pans...meh. But the food? The food is worth losing your shit over.

    The cuisine offered is a goddamn masterpiece.

    52% of the reason I decided to go to ikea today was for the #food tbh

    Oh, what's that, you spent $15 on eggs and brunch and it wasn't even that good? Sucks to suck. I went to Ikea.

    You can get an ENTIRE PLATE OF MEATBALLS for $4. You can't get a piece of furniture for $4.

    Not feeling like eating meatballs? You must be insane, but not to worry, they have endless options. And don't worry about trying to carry it! They have trays.

    Pick an assortment of deliciousness and have a feast. After all, chances are you're buying furniture that requires you to BUILD IT, so you deserve it.

    And when you're done eating the savory feast that an Ikea restaurant offers? GET AN ICE CREAM CONE FOR $1. Yes. A dollar.

    Not feeling like ice cream? DON'T WORRY THEY HAVE CAKE AND PIE AND HAPPINESS.

    And the food? Yeah, you don't have to assemble it. It's already assembled for you.

    So this is for anyone who has ever gone to Ikea for the sole purpose of eating in the restaurant. You are not alone. And you're a gem. You recognize greatness. And you should be rewarded for it.

    Take yourself to Ikea and get some good eats. You deserve it.

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