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19 Superpowers All Teachers Have

Being a teacher automatically makes you a superhero.

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1. Teachers have the ability to transform a mere bulletin board into a true masterpiece.

In just minutes!

2. And they are able to keep calm in every situation.

Because they've dealt with them all.

3. Teachers are pros at organizing and can convert any mess into something that makes perfect sense.

Who needs a filing cabinet?

4. And they're able to smile and be cheery NO MATTER what is happening.

Because they always put their students first.

5. Teachers have special powers that allow them to have zero fear.

They've seen it all, heard it all, dealt with it all.

6. And powers that allow them to feel zero shame when participating in school activities.

7. Teachers have eyes all over their head, and always know if a student is misbehaving.


8. And they can make their students feel like they're a part of a family.

Even if it's just in the classroom.

9. They have the ability to focus on at least five different things at a time — and not go insane.

10. And they can read THOUSANDS of words a day.

And do the same thing the next day.

11. Teachers are able to make any subject interesting to students of all ages.

You try doing that.

12. And teachers literally make people smarter ... every single day.

Not an easy task.

13. Teachers are masters of kicking any kind of sickness, because they are surrounded by germs on a daily basis.

Germs, meet your match.

14. And teachers can consume food at a VERY fast pace, and still make it back to class on time.

15. Teachers manage to get kids from all different backgrounds to come together and get along.

16. And they are able to turn any space into a classroom. The world is their classroom.

17. Teachers are able to function on little to no sleep, and still accomplish more than most in a mere seven hours.

18. And teachers are capable of cramming a year's worth of work into ten months.


19. And to the world, teachers may just be teachers. But to their students, they are superheroes.

Thank a teacher.

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