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21 Problems Only Sweaty People Will Understand

I'm bringing sweaty back.

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3. But either way you sweat ALL. THE. TIME.

Hot? Sweating. Cold? Sweating. Asleep? Sweating. Awake? Definitely sweating.

4. You avoid light colored shirts like the PLAGUE.

Pit stains, yo.

5. You always make sure your deodorant comes with antiperspirant even though you know it won't work anyway.


6. Wearing makeup is pretty pointless. It will be gone in an hour.

9. And nightclubs are the WORST.

~ dripping sweat all over the dance floor ~


14. You have sometimes been asked whether or not it is raining because of how wet your hair and clothing are.

20. And you have to limit how much fluid you drink because you want to limit your sweat. Which is pretty much bullshit at 8 a.m. on a Monday when you want that second cup of coffee.


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