21 Problems Only Sweaty People Will Understand

I’m bringing sweaty back.

1. You sweat all the time.


2. Winter can never come fast enough, and summer is literally the enemy.


3. But either way you sweat ALL. THE. TIME.

Hot? Sweating. Cold? Sweating. Asleep? Sweating. Awake? Definitely sweating.

4. You avoid light colored shirts like the PLAGUE.

Pit stains, yo.

5. You always make sure your deodorant comes with antiperspirant even though you know it won’t work anyway.


6. Wearing makeup is pretty pointless. It will be gone in an hour.

7. Your sweat stains have almost become a form of art.

8. And most of your nightmares involve presentations of some kind.


9. And nightclubs are the WORST.

~ dripping sweat all over the dance floor ~

10. White T-shirts literally are not a part of your wardrobe.

You would have to buy a new one every week.


11. You don’t even remember what it’s like to raise your arm all the way into the air.


Paramount Pictures

12. You usually try to avoid sitting down for long periods of time on warm days because of the inevitable swamp ass and soaked seat.

Or any day, really.

13. You avoid hugging at all costs.


14. You have sometimes been asked whether or not it is raining because of how wet your hair and clothing are.

15. You cannot “sunbathe.” You would drown in sweat.

20th Century Fox / Via imgur.com

16. One shower a day just doesn’t really cut it.

Sony Pictures

17. And you’re sweating just WALKING INTO THE GYM.


18. You don’t need to sit in a sauna because you basically live in a sauna every single day.

Touchstone Pictures

19. People assume you’re always nervous, when really you’re just sweaty.

They’re all, “ARE YOU OK?!??!” And you’re all,

Touchstone Pictures

20. And you have to limit how much fluid you drink because you want to limit your sweat. Which is pretty much bullshit at 8 a.m. on a Monday when you want that second cup of coffee.


21. Remember that one time when you weren’t sweaty? Yeah, me either.

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