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17 Struggles Everyone Who Has A BFF In A Different Time Zone Will Understand

Time zones mean so little when your friend means so much.

1. You have a very, very small window for Gchatting.

2. A texting conversation that would normally take about an hour will span over a week because of the time difference.

3. When you're getting off work, they're probably going to sleep.

4. But because of this, you've devised a system of communication.

5. You ALWAYS check your missed calls and voicemails because they're basically always from your BFF.

6. And dating is difficult for you, because when you need a serious calming down, they're seriously asleep.

7. When you finally get to have a real conversation with them, you don't pay attention to ANYTHING else.

8. You have developed a sort of sixth sense for when they call during your sleep cycle because they might need you.

9. And you have to very, very carefully plan out a Skype date/phone calls in order to compensate for your crazy schedules.

10. You have drunk-dialed your BFF while they were still at work.

11. And talking about your favorite TV shows together becomes difficult because one of you always has spoilers.

12. You often have dreams about being in the same time zone.

13. And even if it's the middle of the day for you, if your BFF is having a bad morning, you suddenly have a bad day.

14. You have wished them a happy birthday, or happy holidays, HOURS in advance of their actual celebration because...time difference.

15. You have their weather/time zone programmed in your phone because you need to always know quickly.

16. You know their schedule by heart.

17. And you know that the love between you and your BFF knows no time zones or distance.