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    15 Stoner Things That Are — To Be Blunt — Incredible

    The power of the plant.

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    1. Grind up your herbs with this adorable and honest grinder.

    An image of a grinder for herbs that says "Let's get baked" on it.
    Heather Buchanan / Via

    What's better than looking at an image of a poodle telling you to get baked while you get ready to do exactly that? Not much.

    Get your poodle grinder from Heather Buchanan for $28.24.

    2. Light up your life and your lungs with this chic water bong from Session Goods.

    An image of the author holding the Session Goods water bong in the green color.
    Lara Parker

    I take my bongs very seriously, and I seriously love this bong.

    Get your very own here for from Session Goods for $120.

    3. Gift yourself or someone else in your life this efficient and effective way to clean smoke-ware with the WeedWipes Deluxe Resin Remover Cleaning Kit.

    the kit packaged
    WeedWipes / Via

    Because if 2020 taught us nothing else, I hope it at least taught you the importance of sanitizing shit.

    Get the cleaning kit from WeedWipes for $40.

    4. Has life this year been the pits? Why not enjoy your cannabis straight out of an avocado-shaped pipe?

    The author holding a pipe shaped like an avocado in her hand.
    Lara Parker

    Because, hell yes, this year sure has been the pits — but this pipe is anything but!

    Get it from Elevate Jane for $79.

    5. Or splurge on this beautiful and ethereal ceramic pipe from Miwak Jr. that is both functional and a piece of art to admire.

    Instagram: @miwakjunior

    It's an investment not only into your best stoner life, but also into some new design in your home space.

    Pick out your favorite design from Miwak Jr. ranging from $70-$95 and then put that baby on display.

    6. How about a chic yet fully functional and comfortable cannabis-themed robe that is honestly more than ok to wear multiple days in a row?

    7. Santa Claus who? Be extra thoughtful this holiday season by gifting a stoner an antidote to their dry-mouth blues.

    8. Feeling fancy? How about with this fancy, chic, and elegant joint holder appropriately dubbed the "Lady J Holder?"

    An image of the green "Lady J Holder" holding a joint.
    Elevate Jane / Via

    Feel like the classiest stoner around and get it from Elevate Jane for $65.

    9. Grab yourself a "420" necklace from Blunted Objects just in case anyone in your life questions how you feel about Mary Jane.

    An image of the author wearing a necklace that depicts "420."
    Lara Parker

    Make the ultimate statement necklace from Blunted Objects for $29.

    10. Or make sure your current status is really, really clear with this "High AF" necklace.

    An image of a gold necklace that says, "Highasfuck."
    Blunted Objects / Via

    No one ever said your jewelry couldn't be both cute and brutally honest!

    Get this statement piece from Blunted Objects for for $35.

    11. Store your herbs in an air-tight container for longer lasting plant and less ~odor.~

    An image of the air-tight container.
    Shop Canlock / Via

    Store up to 7 grams of herbs or up to 15 pre-rolls in "the Stash" from Canlock for $15.99.

    12. Add some beautiful cannabis flair to your space with this print from Shop Allume.

    13. Or get extra ~blunt~ about your passion for this plant with this "Weed makes me feel human" print.

    An image of a print with a marijuana leaf on it
    Melodie Perrault / Via

    Honesty as art, what a vibe!

    Get this message as an 8x10 print from Melodie Perrault for $15.

    14. Who says you can't have a beautiful Jonathan Adler tray to collect your ash?

    An ashtray that says "weed."
    Johnathan Adler / Via

    Seriously, is there a cooler ash tray? Probably not.

    Get yours here from Jonathan Adler for $48.

    15. Or bestow the gift of a munchies-themed candle to light up while you light one up.

    "Munchies" candles
    MysticBohoCreations / Via

    With three different sizing options and seven different flavors, can you really go wrong with a Munchies candle?

    Get your own now from Mystic Boho Creations on Etsy for $10.80.

    And last but certainly not least, if you're looking for a way to directly give back to the cannabis community, consider donating funds to the Last Prisoner Project, an organization dedicated to freeing anyone still in jail for non-violent marijuana charges.

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