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21 Stereotypes Midwesterners Are Tired Of Hearing

We love to spend our free time cow tipping.

1. The Midwest is just corn fields.

2. The Midwest is BORING.

3. No one in the Midwest has dreams, they're content to stay in their small towns forever.

4. The Midwest is super conservative.

5. And Midwesterners party in barns on the reg.

6. Midwesterners only drink Budweiser.

7. All Midwest food is fried, then dipped in ranch.

8. People in the Midwest think cheese is a main food group.

9. In the Midwest, a fancy dinner date means the Olive Garden.

10. A night out on the town in the Midwest is basically just a trip to Walmart.

11. People in the Midwest are TOO friendly.

12. People in the Midwest spend their free time tipping cows.

13. But that's because Midwesterners all have pet cows!

14. People in the Midwest are the literal children of the corn.

15. And the most fashionable the Midwest gets is a new John Deere hat.

16. People in the Midwest drive tractors around everywhere.

17. And while driving their tractors, people in the Midwest are wearing overalls.

18. People in the Midwest LOOOOVEEE buffets.

19. And Midwesterners pee their pants about car racing on a circular track!

20. Midwesterners only listen to country music.

21. And, everyone hates living in the Midwest.