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    14 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're Invited To Your High School Reunion

    Reunited and it feels so... bad.

    1. You receive the invitation and immediately think "FUCK THIS."

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    You discard it on your messy table and move on.

    2. You come across it two days later and begin to think what it would be like.


    I mean, it might not be that bad, right? RIGHT?!

    3. You wonder what everyone from high school is REALLY up to.


    You haven't noticed much on Facebook lately.

    4. You wonder how the hell it has been this long since high school.

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    I basically just graduated like last year. RIGHT?

    5. You then think that maybe it wouldn't be so bad. You should really think about going.


    I mean, people probably want to see you, right?

    6. You start scheming your plan of attack.


    What you will wear, what you will say, and how you will make your high school lover SO SORRY that they let you go.

    7. And planning your very serious workout regime.

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    Because you are going to look HOT AS F*CK.

    8. Then you deep dive into the most serious Facebook creepin'.

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    You know, because you need to know what to expect.

    9. You discover that you might actually be considered successful compared to some of your peers.


    Even if your aunt doesn't think so.

    10. You chat up some of your old high school friends and see if they are planning on attending.

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    I mean you didn't think you would have time with your busy schedule, but surprisingly you think you can make it!

    11. You show up.


    And get pissed when people say you haven't changed much. YES I HAVE, OK? YES I F*CKING HAVE.

    12. You chat with some people.


    One of them calls you the wrong name three times. And none of them are impressed as you want them to be.

    13. You decide to leave.


    And ask yourself why you ever thought that was a good idea.

    14. You vow to never go again.

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    Until the next invitation comes.

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