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    21 Things That Definitely Happened To You If You Went To A Small-Town High School

    "Blasting music at Walmart lmao."

    1. Your teachers had at least one member of your family in a previous year and judged you based on whether or not they liked that person.

    2. And honestly, there was a huuuuge chance that you and your parents shared the same teachers.

    3. If your teachers didn't have your parents in class — they went to school with your parents.

    4. You knew every single person not only in your class, but in your school.

    5. So... if you saw someone you *didn't* recognize, and they were cute, it was a damn treat.

    6. Friday nights were spent in a parking lot somewhere...

    7. ...Or around a make-shift bonfire, since everything else was closed.

    8. Going back-to-school shopping meant driving at least 45 minutes to the closest mall.

    9. And being part of an athletic team meant traveling sometimes up to two hours to the opponent's school because there was really just nothing around you.

    10. It also meant that your teachers doubled as your coaches.

    11. And if you made it onto the court or the field for any sporting event, your name was definitely showing up in the local newspaper the next day.

    12. A solid 78% of the high school parking lot was filled with trucks.

    13. And all of your school dances were either in your school's gym or the local Elk's Lodge.

    14. And your pre-prom meal was probably at the Olive Garden.

    15. There's a solid chance that you or at least three of your friends were involved in FFA (Future Farmers of America, duh!)

    16. And lord help you if you ever went through a breakup, because you would most definitely see your ex everywhere you went.

    Me walking around the grocery store in my hometown trying not to be recognized by anyone i went to high school with

    17. The idea of an "off-campus lunch" made no sense to you because there was nowhere to go outside of your school's cafeteria.

    18. And some of your fellow classmates probably missed school to show livestock at the county and state fairs.

    19. "A cow was in the road" was a legitimate excuse for being late to school.

    20. There's a good chance your field trips were actually just in your teacher's backyard.

    21. And whether you've left the town or still there, there's no arguing that it made you who you are today.