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19 Signs You Really, Really Need A Dog

It's a ruff life.

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1. Basically, you REALLY want a dog. Like, you think about it at least five times a day. But you don't have one.

Which basically ruins your entire life.

2. You spend a good amount of time every single day looking at cute pictures of dogs.

Some may call it an obsession.
Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

Some may call it an obsession.

3. And you're instantly attracted to someone if they have a dog.

Is there a Tinder but for dog owners only??

4. You care about dogs more than you care about most humans.


5. When you think of starting a family, you think of adopting a furry child.

Not a human one.

6. And when you see a dog in public, people better get out of your way, because you're coming for it.


7. Your happiness is pretty much dependent on how long it's been since you've seen a dog.

You go through doggy withdrawals.

8. You've spent way too much time looking at dog clothes.

Like, you know exactly where it is in most stores that you frequent.

9. And if you met a genie, you know exactly what you would wish for.

A dog, lol duh!

10. You visit your friends with a dog just to hang out with the dog.

And your friend too, obviously.

11. You bring up the fact that you want a dog in almost every conversation.

It's always on your mind!

12. You frequent animal shelters and pet stores just to hang out with dogs for a bit.

And then cry the whole way home, obviously.

13. You've legitimately thought about stealing your neighbor's dogs.

But know that you would be too easily caught.

14. And your dream job? A dog walker.

What more could you want out of life?

What more could you want out of life?

15. You've rarely ever been around a dog without taking a million pictures of it and with it.

Every moment with a dog is picture perfect.

16. And if you've ever looked for a roommate, the only thing you're really looking for is whether or not they have a dog.


17. You spend an obscene amount of time on Petfinder.

Petfinder App
Petfinder App

It's a drug, and you're addicted.

18. You can't lie in bed without wishing there was a dog lying next to you.

Cuddling with dogs > cuddling with humans

19. And reading this whole post just made you want a dog so much more.

Hang in there.

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