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    15 Things Only People Who Are Literally Addicted To Chocolate Will Understand

    Give me chocolate, or give me death.

    1. You find yourself thinking about it all throughout the day.

    2. You cannot bear to be away from it for longer than a couple of hours at a time.

    3. You sometimes feel like hitting people who say they "don't like chocolate."

    4. Your mouth begins to water at the mere mention of chocolate.

    5. You have eaten so much chocolate in your life that you have questioned whether or not you would get sick of it.

    6. The smell of chocolate gives you goosebumps.

    7. And the first bite of chocolate is comparable to an orgasm.

    8. You have dipped every kind of food ever in chocolate because you know that chocolate improves literally anything.

    9. You have argued several times about whether or not chocolate is good for you.

    10. And your day is just so much better when it includes chocolate.

    11. Sometimes, you even plan your vacations around the places that have the best chocolate.

    12. You have hidden chocolate from yourself.

    13. Only to find your backup stash.

    14. You would rather die than give up chocolate.

    15. Because chocolate is the true love of your life.

    Britney knows.