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23 Signs You're An Old Soul

It's probably past your bedtime.

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1. You are often referred to as the mother of your friend group.

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You genuinely want everyone to be safe and have fun.

2. You record late-night TV and watch it the next morning while drinking your coffee or tea.


Because you couldn't stay awake, obviously.

3. You never really went through a "partying phase."

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Ugh, no thanks. I'm too busy contemplating life and learning new things.

4. You live for the music made before your time and can barely stand the sound of today's music.

If you even call it music.

5. You are exhausted and ready for bed by 10 p.m.

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No shame.

6. But you like to wake up early and not waste your day with sleep.


If you sleep past 8 a.m., you're sick.

7. You were called "weird" on more than one occasion when you were growing up.

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8. The idea of going out on the weekend sounds terrible.

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But I'm tired. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME.

9. Your ideal weekend is getting some chores done, running some errands, and relaxing with a good book.


And getting a solid eight hours of sleep, obviously.

10. You don't understand most of the pop-culture references of today.


I.e., Kimye. What? Is that a vegetable?

11. People often refer to you as "mature for your age."

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And you're like, "Yeah, I guess."

12. When there was a choice between sitting at the adults' table or the kids' table, you would always choose adults'.


I need a real conversation.

13. You are positively fascinated by a certain time period and you are convinced you were born into the wrong generation.

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I belong in the 1920s.

14. It pains you to see people reading books on an electronic device.

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But...but...the feeling and smell of a book. A real-life BOOK.

15. And you still really enjoy reading a physical newspaper.

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Nothing else compares.

16. You are often the source of advice for your friends.

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And you give great advice, wise beyond your years.

17. You often contemplate the meaning of life.

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At least once a day.

18. You enjoy spending time alone.


...A lot.

19. Dating in today's world doesn't have much of an appeal.

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Either we go steady, or I'm not interested.

20. And the idea of twerking or grinding makes you incredibly uncomfortable.

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I'm totally down for swing dancing, though!!

21. You prefer writing letters to texting or emailing.

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Talk to you in three days when you get my letter!!!

22. Some of your best friends are older than you are.


They just GET you.

23. And no matter what, you've never really felt as if you "fit in" with other people your age.


And that is completely fine with you.

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