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Jan 8, 2015

23 Signs It's Winter In The Midwest

Temperature: 3 degrees. Feels Like: I want to die.

1. You're not even surprised when you wake up and have to search for your car under snow.

2. And you're pretty much a PROFESSIONAL at removing snow from your car windows.

3. And you know not to rely on a shovel to clear your driveway.

4. You know that the actual temperature doesn't mean anything, it's all about that "feels like" number.

5. You don't even complain when temperatures are above average warm in January...

6. ...because you know it will be freezing again by tomorrow.

7. And no matter how many Midwest winters you've been through, you never quite know what to expect.


8. You know that nothing will stop you from seeing your favorite team.


9. Your pets refuse to go outside, and quite frankly, you don't even blame them.

10. You've learned the hard way about walking outside and not bringing a hat.

11. Your entire Instagram feed is just pictures of people's car thermometers.

12. And your Facebook feed is filled with angry statuses about the weather.


13. You've learned to communicate in new ways because texting when outside is out of the question.

14. You ask yourself at least three times a day why you live in a terrible, terrible place.

15. Chapstick has become a necessity for your life.

16. And the thought of living without hand lotion makes you want to cry.

17. You have nightmares about the icicles hanging from your house falling on you, because you would surely die.

18. And you don't bother looking at the weather most mornings, because you know that it will just be cold as hell.

19. You don't remove your coat when you go inside, because your body won't recover until at least May.

20. You can immediately tell someone who isn't from the Midwest by the way they drive after a snowfall.


21. You've taken drastic measures to keep in heat.

22. You look forward to the negative-degree weather in a way, because that means ice skating.

23. And basically, you've decided to hibernate until May.

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