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17 Secrets Every Target Lover Will Never Tell You

"I went to Target and didn't find anything." —no one ever

1. You buy things from the dollar section only to literally never use them again.

2. You never choose the cart with the leftover receipts in it.

3. You have a specific route through the store to hit all of your favorite spots.

4. You've gone to Target when you literally didn't need to purchase anything.

5. And you've gone to Target when you only needed one thing and bought over 15 things.

6. You've grabbed a basket for your things, only to run back less than 10 minutes later to grab a cart.

7. The cashiers know you by name.

8. As do the Starbucks baristas inside Target, because obviously.

9. You've come up with things to purchase JUST to go to Target.

10. You always try to take more than six items into the dressing room and rarely ever succeed.

11. You've looked through the shoes only to discover that you already own half of them.

12. And you've been looking through the clothing section only to realize that you're literally wearing all Target clothes.

13. You've lied about being in Target.

14. You've spent 30 minutes in the dollar section ALONE.

15. You've made your way to the checkout, vowing that you're done spending money, only to pick up some candy and EOS in the checkout line.

16. Sometimes your "night out on the town" means going to Target after dark in your PJs.

17. And you think about Target more than you think about literally anything else.