Brandon loves to call you "babe." It's unclear if this is because he actually likes you, or because he has forgotten your name.

Lara Parker • One hour ago

*Deletes every dating app*

Pablo Valdivia • 22 hours ago

I did this all for you people (and to find love). Please appreciate this.

Lara Parker • 5 days ago

I love CBD, so I wanted to see what CBD was like on my face.

Lara Parker • 6 days ago

Back when all you needed in your life was Neopets and the Limited Too.

Brian Galindo • 6 hours ago

These sweet treats have no dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish.

Crystal Ro • 8 days ago

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Over 176 million people live with this disease worldwide.

Lara Parker • 10 days ago

It has come to my attention that dating is not fun.

Lara Parker • 13 days ago

That wearing heels while running makes sense.

Crystal Ro • 14 days ago

"If life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people's eyes."

Pablo Valdivia • 10 days ago

You are what you eat.

Farrah Penn • One month ago

"Still don't understand how people my age have children. I am children."

Pablo Valdivia • One month ago

Why sleep when you can overthink everything you've ever said?

Pablo Valdivia • One month ago

I have vaginismus, vulvodynia, and endometriosis which makes sex painful. But I've found things that help.

Lara Parker • 2 months ago

"Sorry I threw up everywhere."

Pablo Valdivia • One month ago

I'm nacho problem.

Crystal Ro • 2 months ago

Ranch > every other dressing.

Crystal Ro • 2 months ago

"I Ghosted My Therapist After Crying In Her Office: A Memoir"

Lara Parker • 2 months ago

"Did you marry me as a friend, or like, a wife? Unclear."

Pablo Valdivia • 2 months ago

"White people love saying 'we got here at the right time!' when they’re somewhere and a line forms behind them."

Farrah Penn • 2 months ago