18 Ways Creamy Peanut Butter Is Actually God

Thou shalt have no other spreads before me.

1. The divine spreadeth so evenly.

National Geographic / Via youtube.com

2. Thy fruits should always be adorned with the divine.

Flickr: dendroica / Via Creative Commons

3. And thy vegetables should only be consumed when slathered with the divine.

Flickr: mhaithaca / Via Creative Commons

4. The divine shall always caress thine tongue. It shall never hurt.

Flickr: biblicone / Via Creative Commons

5. The divine has more Vitamin E than the crunch abomination.

National Geographic / Via youtube.com

6. For cream of peanut so loved the world that he gave thou to act as the perfect sticky spread. Those who believe shall have eternal toppings.

Flickr: marcusq / Via Creative Commons

7. Thou dost not force one to chew before swallowing.

Universal Pictures

8. Thou can do everything through protein from cream of peanut.

Flickr: 23132902@N07 / Via Creative Commons

9. Thou shall have no other gods before the divine. Unless the divine is topped with bacon, in which case, awesome.

Flickr: arndog / Via Creative Commons

10. And behold! The animals will swarm to thee!

Flickr: trustypics / Via Creative Commons

11. And the divine said, “Behold, thou shall cook easily with thee.”

Flickr: woodwood / Via Creative Commons

12. And lo! Even Satan and his tangled bubble gum hair tricks were no match for the divine!


13. The divine shall compliment any food.

Flickr: polytikus via Creative Commons


14. And the people yearned for the divine, and so the divine was consumed in many ways.

Flickr: greatist / Via Creative Commons

15. And although mouths shall make noises, you shall fear no crunching, for you are with the divine.

Flickr: coreforce / Via Creative Commons

16. The divine is patient, the divine is kind, it isn’t jealous, it doesn’t brag, it isn’t arrogant.

17. The divine shan’t bother the teeth. Thine shall caress and love.

Flickr: koocbor / Via Creative Commons

18. Remember that the divine will always love you, and in doing so, you’ll keep it holy.

Flickr: mpwillis / Via Creative Commons

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