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    19 Reasons You Should Be Excited To Get Out Of Bed

    Get ready to smile.

    1. Because coffee exists.


    2. And somewhere in the world, there is a cat wearing a beanie.

    3. Because this woman was able to hear her voice for the first time.

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    4. And this dog is out there, waiting for your cuddles.

    Mr. Sullivan / Caitie Parten / Via

    5. Because of Carl Fredericksen in real life.

    Pixar / Via Instagram: @phliz101

    6. And the smell of this.

    Via Flickr: cookbookman / Creative Commons

    7. For moments like this.

    Jaclyn Nona / Via

    8. And this.

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    9. Because our world is filled with natural beauty.

    Via Flickr: wolfgangstaudt / Creative Commons

    10. And breathtaking sunsets.

    Via Flickr: axelhartmann / Creative Commons

    11. Because of this moment.

    Via Flickr: byazrov / Creative Commons

    12. And this little squirt's excitement.

    13. Because of this joyous baby elephant.

    Via Flickr: bdu / Creative Commons

    14. And this sloth loving on this human.

    15. Because this is a real place in Croatia.

    Via Shutterstock

    16. And this little girl, who reminds us all how wonderful rain is.

    17. Because rainbows exist.

    Via Flickr: axelhartmann / Creative Commons

    18. And somewhere in the world, there are the happiest of baby seals.

    19. Because life is beautiful. Remember that.

    Via Flickr: thelotuscarroll / Creative Commons

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