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    17 Times Beyoncé Had The Answer To Everything

    Bow down to Beysus.

    1. When someone sees your message but doesn't respond:

    2. When you finish getting ready in the morning:

    3. When someone thinks they can throw shade your way:

    4. When your ex texts you:

    5. When you walk into the office:

    6. When people subtweet:

    7. When you see a babe at the grocery store:

    8. When you see your haters:

    9. When there's a breeze:

    10. When your favorite song comes on:

    11. When someone unfollows you:

    12. When you get chilly:

    13. When you're cooking:

    14. When someone in front of you is walking slow as hell:

    15. When you tell yourself you won't spend all day on the couch:

    16. When someone uses Facebook as their personal diary:

    17. And, basically, when you do LITERALLY anything: