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14 Reasons We All Need Feminism

Pizza rolls, not gender roles.

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2. Because there are currently only 20 women serving in the United States Senate, compared to 80 men.

3. Because America is still very much a patriarchy.

5. Overall, women still earn less money than men with the same education level.

6. Because a woman's appearance is still under a microscope.

"The quality of my teaching shouldn’t depend on the color of my lipstick or whether I’ve got mascara on." — Deborah Rhode, author of The Beauty Bias.

7. Because in the United States, a woman is raped every six seconds.

9. Because women have been fired because of their looks.

11. Because pepper spray shouldn't have to be a necessity for women to feel safe.

13. Because in a domestic abuse case, people ask, "Why did she stay?" instead of, "Why did he abuse?"

14. And because even if you've never personally experienced any of these things, other women do...every single day.

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