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22 Questions Women Shouldn't Have To Ask Themselves

Do I have equal rights?

1. Should I put my keys in between my fingers in case someone attacks me on my walk to or from my car?

2. Can I leave my drink unattended at the bar while I use the restroom?

3. Is what I'm wearing sending the wrong message?

4. Do I get compensated as much as other people who have the same job that I have?

5. Am I being too emotional?

6. Why is there so much pressure for me to reproduce?

7. Are people going to judge me if I choose to focus on my career instead of a family?

8. Am I going to be catcalled today?

9. Should I buy pepper spray?

10. Will I be slut-shamed if I have sex with multiple people?

11. Will I have a say in what I am medically allowed to do to my own body this year?

12. Will I lose momentum in my life and career if I choose to start a family?

13. Am I showing too much skin?

14. Will I be criticized for wearing too much/not enough makeup?

15. Will I be called a bitch if I voice my opinions?

16. And will I be criticized if I cut my hair?

17. Should I be OK with the fact that people repeatedly refer to me as "sweetheart?"

18. Should I worry about what will happen if I turn someone down on a dating app?

19. If I smile at a stranger, am I inviting unwanted attention?

20. If I wear something tight or slightly "sexy" in the workplace, will people treat me differently?

21. Will I have to deal with harassment if I tell someone I'm not interested?

22. And, do I have equal rights?

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