38 Questions All Women Have

Because ladies never dick around.

1. Should I wax my vagina?
2. Am I supposed to shave my butt hair?
3. Why is there hair growing on my boobs?
4. Why am I being so emotional?
5. Are my boobs normal-looking?
6. Why is my period stopping and starting?
7. Could I be pregnant?
8. Are these god-awful cramps normal? Should I see a gynecologist about this?
10. How long can I go without shaving my legs before anyone notices?
11. Is my vagina “normal?”
12. Does my vagina feel loose?
13. Do Kegels really work?
14. Am I doing them correctly?

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16. Can people tell that one of my boobs is bigger than the other one?
17. Should I be plucking my nose hairs?
18. Can people see my stray eyebrow hairs?
19. Why am I breaking out right now? NOT EVEN STRESSED.
20. Am I the only one with upper lip hair?
21. Should I shave my upper lip?
22. Will anyone notice if I don’t wear makeup today?
23. Why did I even start wearing makeup?
24. Can you get a tampon stuck inside of you?
25. Do pieces of your tampon come off INSIDE OF YOU and float around forever?!
26. What is a yeast infection?
27. Does that mean I have actual yeast in my vagina? Like bread?
28. Should I wash my hair today?

29. Do other women fart as much as I do?
30. Do all women queef?
31. Does my vagina smell weird?
32. Has my tampon been in too long?
33. If I cough while on my period, will more blood come out?
34. Should I be losing this much blood?
35. Why can men readjust/scratch themselves but I can’t readjust my boobs and scratch my damn vagina?
36. Do people really bleach their assholes?
37. Why is only one of my nipples hard?
38. Am I the only one thinking all this shit?

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