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    22 Questions About Fertility, Answered By An Expert

    To start, there is NO evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine will impact your future fertility.

    Fertility! It can be confusing, expensive to figure out, and not something we're really taught about unless we go searching for the answers.

    Pregnancy test on pink background

    So we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to submit any questions they had around fertility. Then, we sat down with various experts from Kindbody Fertility Clinic to get some answers! To be specific, we spoke with Dr. Kristin Bendikson, Dr. Deborah Ikhena-Abel, Dr. Melinda Henne, and Dr. Malgorzata Skaznik-Wikiel to answer your questions about fertility.

    1. "Is it considered 'too late' for me to have a healthy baby after 35? How much does age really impact fertility?" —Anonymous

    An image of a pregnant woman cradling her belly

    2. "I have PCOS and never get natural periods. Does this mean I don’t ovulate?" —ciaraannlouisew

    A drawing of the uterus with PCOS

    3. "If you have had an eating disorder (anorexia in my case), and recover and regain your period, can you still have fertility issues?" —shapiro2024

    An image of a woman holding her pregnant stomach in front of a setting sun

    4. "Is it possible to get pregnant naturally after having a baby via IVF (with egg donor)? I still ovulate but just never was able to get pregnant with my own eggs." —tuckey

    A drawn image of the IVF process internally

    5. "Is there a way to find out if your PCOS will affect your fertility? My aunt has it and had two kids with no issues. I'm wanting to have kids soon-ish and worried about it." —alexandrias4b738d852

    A drawn image of the uterus and ovaries

    6. "Does blood type really matter when trying to conceive?" —jennies4783ed5b8

    An image of blood types over a drawn drop of blood

    7. "Did the vaccine actually affect fertility like some people say?" —fireowl333

    An image of a woman in a face mask getting a shot in her arm of the COVID-19 vaccine

    8. "I've been on the pill for almost 15 years now, starting when I was a teenager until a couple months ago. I know there are a lot of people out there who say extended use of the pill can decrease fertility in women. Is that true?" —peekocherry197

    An image of a birth control pack

    9. "When doing IVF, can you explain how some people are able to find out and 'choose' the sex of their embryos?" —Anonymous

    illustration of the IVF process

    10. "Is there anything that I (25 y/o female) can do right now to boost my fertility for having kids in the future?" —Anonymous

    11. "How much of an impact does your weight have on the effectiveness of IVF and other treatments?" —Anonymous

    A milk pod with seeds dripping out

    12. "How can fibroids impact fertility?" —Anonymous

    A drawn chart of a uterus with uterine polyps next to a uterus with fibroids

    13. "Is it possible to not ovulate in a monthly cycle? I’ve been using ovulation tests and some months the line never turns dark." —Anonymous

    An illustrated image of a uterus and ovaries

    14. "Is there any evidence to support the idea that terminating a pregnancy at a young age can cause any fertility issues in the future?" —Anonymous

    An image of a sign at a protest saying, "Protect safe, legal abortion"

    15. "How early should women check on their fertility? Are there signs we could be seeing in our teens or our early 20s that signal issues?" —Anonymous

    16. "What impact do factors like the age of your first period, frequency of cycle, or genetics have on your fertility? If you have your first period on the earlier side, are you then doomed to experience menopause earlier in life as well?" —Anonymous

    An image of menstrual pads on a pink background

    17. "How much does cigarette smoking actually impact fertility? Obviously, I know that smoking is bad for your health all around but I've never found a clear answer regarding fertility specifically." —Anonymous

    An image of cigarettes being thrown into the trash

    18. "If the doctors tell you there is no reason why you haven’t conceived, how can you not conceive after two years of trying? How does that work? Any insight?" —Anonymous

    A pregnancy test leaning on a toilet seat

    19. "If you do egg preservation, does that mean that you have fewer eggs in general and will go through menopause earlier? Would it potentially help with fertility related to endometriosis?" —Anonymous

    A doctor pulling eggs out of freezing chamber

    20. "Why is it more common for multiples to result from IVF/IUI pregnancies?" —Anonymous

    An image of twins

    21. "I am trying to get pregnant after the depo shot. My periods have returned after seven months but has ovulation really started? How can I tell?" —Anonymous

    An image of a needle shot filled with vitamins

    22. "How long should I be off birth control before trying to conceive?" —Anonymous

    A stock image of birth control options