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    I Have Pelvic Pain That Greatly Impacts My Life, And These Products Have Helped

    Pelvic pain is incredibly common and not fun at all to deal with! Some of these products may help.

    Pelvic pain is incredibly common and not fun at all to deal with! While it's historically been somewhat of a hush-hush topic because of stigma and shame around this part of the body and the pain associated with it, in the last few years, some incredible products have hit the market designed specifically for people with various forms of pelvic pain. And as someone who lives with some pretty shitty pelvic pain, I couldn't be more excited to round up some of the ones I've seen in the last few years into a handy list. I'm sure I've missed some, so feel free to let me know which ones in the comments. In the meantime, let's get started!

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    1. Private Packs are wearable hot and cold packs that are marketed as a "modern solution for feminine pain." And let me tell you, as someone whose vulva loves to burn for no damn good reason, these have certainly come in handy. The packaging is also very cute!

    2. Sometimes, penetrative sex is painful! Designed with renowned clinicians, the Ohnut is a soft, compressible buffer made from four rings — that can be used together or individually — to adjust when penetration feels too deep, without sacrificing sensation for you or your partner(s). Designed by someone who experienced painful sex, it's a pretty damn cool invention, if I do say so myself.

    3. Holy shit is pelvic floor physical therapy expensive. And depending on where you live, it can be incredibly hard to access! But nearly *everyone* could benefit from access to pelvic floor PT. Enter Pelvic Gym — an online team of specialists dedicated to pelvic health, all accessible from your living room. Brought to you by the Ohnut team, the site has three core beliefs: Education. Affirmation. Accessibility.

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    4. You know those days where your pelvic floor is just freaking the fuck out for no reason? Me too. That's when I reach for my Foria suppositories — each suppository has 100mg of CBD and it goes directly to the spot that may need it the most.

    5. Or you can go with the Mello Bottoms CBD suppositories — they come in a pack of five, and each one has 75mg of CBD.

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    6. Orrrr, you can reach for some CBD suppositories from Simple Solace CBD, where a pack of 10 costs $50.

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    7. For days when loose sweatpants aren't an option or you need even more support, Nyssa leggings and underwear have an insertable hot or cold pack that can help placate some of the burning you may feel in your abdomen.

    8. You know that feeling where your bladder is telling you that you need to pee but you know you JUST peed and can't possibly have to pee again already? On those types of days, I reach for the pressure-point wizard referred to as the TheraWand.

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    9. But if my pelvic floor is simply not cooperating whatsoever and I need to do my best to relax it — whether it's because I'm post-orgasm or my body is just revolting for unknown reasons — I reach for the (vibrating!) Intimate Rose pelvic wand.

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    10. If you're looking for a more long-term investment into your pelvic floor health and know what kegels are, the Elvie Trainer may be for you. Elvie makes it easy as a smart kegel trainer that works with your phone to help you complete pelvic floor exercises.

    11. Sometimes, our pelvic floor region needs a little extra softness, kindness, and care. On those days, I find myself reaching for the soft, silky Chiavaye lubricant. With just six ingredients, it always leaves me feeling more soothed.

    12. Dubbed the "eye cream for your vagina," if I'm not reaching for the aforementioned lube, then I am certainly grabbing my Happy Clam or Smooth Operator oils from Quim.

    13. Finally, let's talk about Gina App, the world's first app dedicated to sexual pain. When it comes to pain with sex — and specifically vaginismus — there is a considerable lack of research, awareness, and support for those suffering. Gina's mission is to instill a sense of hope and shine a spotlight on sexual pain.

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    That's all I have for today! What did I miss? Let me know, and maybe there will be a Part II!