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Posted on May 23, 2015

19 Things Only People Who Swear Too Much Will Understand

F*ck off.

1. Basically, you just LOVE curse words.


Like, they are your SHIT.

2. They help you perfectly describe how you're feeling at all times.


It's fucking amazing.

3. Sometimes you try to watch your language when you're in the presence of minors, but it never seems to work out.

4. Because of that, you've gotten really good at hiding your swearing when it really matters.

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HAHA I'm whispering it so it's better.

5. You're at a point now where you aren't sure you even know how to speak without using curse words.

6. And quite frankly, you wouldn't even want to anyway.


What's life without curse words?!?!

7. At any given time, it's pretty much guaranteed that your thoughts are a stream of profanities.


What the fucking fuck is this fuckery?

8. And sometimes, more often than not, you voice these thoughts aloud.


Oh, shit, sorry!

9. A lot of times people will try to tell you to curse less. And then you try to tell them to curse more.


It's fun! Try it!

10. It just so happens that your favorite expressions of all time involve curse words.


You wouldn't have it any other way.

11. Occasionally you will think on a time in your life when you didn't use curse words in every sentence.

12. And even when you aren't cursing out loud, you use body language to get the point across.

Universal Pictures

It's goddamn amazing.

13. Most of your nightmares involve swear jars in some way.

14. And you basically always prefer to purchase products with curse words already on them.

15. Your love of curse words only amplifies when you're drinking.

16. People have told you countless times that your choice of vocabulary makes you less attractive and you're just like, "I don't fucking care."

17. You get incredibly uncomfortable when you're around people who don't swear.


What the hell is wrong with them??

18. Even your autocorrect expects you to use curse words at this point.

19. And basically, you might be too much for some people, but you just don't give a fuck.

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