17 Things Only People Who Are Into Astrology Will Understand

    Please Mercury, stop going into retrograde.

    1. The first thing you do each morning is check your horoscope.

    2. ... And all your loved ones' horoscopes to see how their days will be.

    3. You have serious anxiety when Susan Miller is late posting this month's forecast.

    4. You have your favorite horoscope app and would never betray it for one of the other IMPOSTORS out there.

    5. You're really good at guessing other people's signs.

    6. You explain your emotions based on the moon.

    7. If you don't get along with someone, you know it's because your signs don't mesh.

    8. And when Mercury is in retrograde, you pour yourself a glass of wine and buckle up.

    9. You own several things dedicated to your sign.

    10. You get really offended if someone makes a general statement about your sign.

    11. The only kind of math you like to do involves astrology charts.

    12. But you feel an instant connection with people who share your sign.

    13. You know that most of life's mysteries can be explained in your horoscope.

    14. You know what type of sign you should be dating.

    15. ... And what type of sign you SHOULDN'T be dating.

    16. And a lot of people think your astrology interests are crazy, but you know the truth...

    17. ... Astrology is real, and it's time we all take it seriously.