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20 Problems Only Girls With Big Feet Will Understand

You know what having big feet means? You can never find your size.

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1. You never really got into the whole "pointy toe" shoe trend because your feet already look LONG ENOUGH as it is.

2. You hate going bowling because of the sheer fact that you have to ask for the biggest size available, and then they end up making you wear men's shoes anyway.

3. When you're lying down watching TV, you can barely even see it on account of your huge feet.

5. Shoes that ARE in your size are usually ugly, and nothing that you would ever actually wear.

6. So when you find a pair of shoes that fit, and look cute too — you basically wear them every day.

7. You once made the mistake of trying on the display shoe... and vowed to never make that same mistake again.

8. Your size section in shoe stores is always TINY.

9. You have to pay more for your shoes.

10. And you've paid the price of trying to squeeze your feet into smaller, cuter shoes before.

11. Your friends are always trying on your shoes and exclaiming in disbelief about how big they are.


12. You had HUGE feet as a kid, but everyone always told you that you would grow into them. / Via Disney

13. But honestly, you're still waiting to grow into your feet...

14. If you ever actually find shoes that are TOO BIG for you, you capture the moment forever.

15. You have, max, four pairs of heels that you can actually walk in.

17. Your toes are ALWAYS trying to pop out of your socks.

18. One of the worst moments of your life was when you tried on men's shoes — and they fit.

19. Sometimes you forget how big your feet actually are, and you end up wreaking havoc everywhere you go.

20. And even though sometimes it seems like all you are is feet...