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Introducing The Hottest Young Adult Author In The World

Let's skip the foreshadowing and get down to business.

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Meet Pierce Brown, author of the Red Rising series, and hottest author known to mankind.

Photograph by Jessica Chou for BuzzFeed

When Pierce was just 23 years old, he got a book deal with Random House. He blessed the world with his books and now he's blessing us with his looks. Need further proof? Let's take a look.

Here he is, shirtless, (thank you Jesus <3) standing in front of scenery. Who even noticed the scenery? No one. Because Pierce.

Here he is drinking coffee, or tea, or honestly who the hell cares because LOOK AT HIM.

He poses with cute dogs and SOMEHOW looks cuter than them.

And he likes cats too!!!!

Hellllllllllo arms. We see you.

He manages to make In-N-Out look EVEN TASTIER.

I'd like to order him Animal Style.

And likes to READ.

Is there anything better than an attractive person reading a book?

No. No, there is not.

Basically, thank you to Pierce for existing. We only have one question...