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18 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Wife

Maybe not exactly wifey material.

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1. When you make dinner after a long day:

2. When you run errands:

3. And when you go to the grocery store:

4. When you reevaluate your priorities:

5. When you find creative ways to argue:

XplodingUnicorn / Via Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

6. When you spice up things in the bedroom:

7. When you plan a romantic dinner:

8. When you write your vows:

9. When your mate tries to ignore you:

Instagram: @6ixsidecheeks

10. When people ask you about starting a family:

11. When you take pictures:

12. When someone tries to flirt with your boo:

13. When you celebrate Valentine's Day:

14. When you talk dirty:

16. Your late-night conversations:

17. When you are bored:

18. And when you think about your future together:


An earlier version of this post incorrectly credited the image and tweet in #5. It has been updated with the correct sourcing.

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