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21 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Every Naturally Skinny Girl's Life

"Eat a burger."

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1. When people insist on grabbing your wrist and talk about how "flimsy" they are:

2. When everyone keeps telling you that you'll get curves someday, but you're still waiting:

3. When you meet someone for the first time, and they inevitably say this:

4. When you've been asked if you're eating enough for the past 15 years:

5. When you sit down and your pants decide to show off your underwear to the world:

6. When people ask you questions that you just don't know the answer to:

7. When you try to wear bracelets but they either fall off or rest on your elbows:

8. And when you gotta get your watchband resized, no matter what:

9. When people assume you eat only veggies, but really you're eating everything in sight:

10. When you make special arrangements to wear your favorite pair of jeans:

11. When you're always expected to squeeze into backseat of a car:

12. When you make so many special holes in your belts that you feel like you could compete on Project Runway:

13. When Regina George actually seemed kind of relatable to you:

Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @PanicTesla

14. When you eat some weird stuff in an effort to gain weight:

15. When you have no idea what to say when someone says this to you:

16. When you know no one could ever de-pants you because you tie your drawstring pants so tight:

17. When someone tells you that you look like you might blow away in the wind:

18. When you wish being naturally skinny could be your actual job:

19. When people watch you eat:

20. When you love your body but sometimes wish you had more curves:

21. And when people ask you why you're working out:

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