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25 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For Tall Girls

The weather up here is great!!!

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1. When you see a guy over 6 feet:


2. When someone who is 5'7" complains about being tall:


3. When someone tells you to bend down so you fit in the picture:

4. When you google your new celeb crush to make sure it's a realistic love affair:

5. When you have to sit down to see yourself in a mirror:

6. When someone who is shorter than you tries to intimidate you:


7. When you have to ask yourself this very important and necessary question:

8. This email that will alter lives and change the world for the better:

9. When someone tells you that you're tall:


10. When you stand next to your short friend and suddenly become a giant:

11. When you're walking next to short people and they try to tell you to slow down:

Sony Pictures Classics

12. When someone asks you how the weather is "up there":

13. When you see a couple and the girl is 5'3" and she's dating a guy over 6 feet:


14. When you try to find someone who is taller than you are:

15. When you try to dance with someone shorter than you:

Walt Disney Pictures

16. When you try to take a shower but the shower was made for elves:

17. When you try to sit at a desk but the desk isn't cooperating:

18. When you try to hug someone shorter than you and they end up just hugging your boobs:

19. When you try to use a public restroom but everyone can see your head over the stall door:

20. When someone asks you for the umpteenth time whether or not you played sports:

21. When you try to take a nice relaxing bath but you don't fit:

22. When you're trying to walk and the ceiling gets in your way:

23. When someone asks why you're wearing heels:


24. When you try to fit your body into a romper:


25. And when you're looking cute AF but your body height won't fit in the Instagram square:

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