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21 Pictures About Not Having Kids That Will Speak To Your Soul

"I didn't even like kids when I was a kid."

1. When you'd rather carry groceries:

Warner Bros Studios / Via

2. But get stuck in an awkward situation anyway:

shannons_here2stay / Via

3. And have to create your own solution:

@mdob11 / Via Twitter: @mdob11

4. When money buys happiness:

Nickelodeon / Via

5. When loud kids serve as an effective reminder:

Sony Pictures / Via

6. When your car decal has a far more important detail:

@thehornynun / Via

7. When you'd rather hear a jackhammer:

8. When you have the perfect answer to this annoying question:

9. And only want the best for your dog child:

10. When some kids can't stay in their lane:

11. When your stare becomes hostile:

thehornynun / Via

12. And so you try to be nice but a baby hits you with that resting bitchface:

babycalpal / Via

13. When you say you've got a different life plan:

effiewood14 / Via

14. And then keep your parents waiting a little too long:

llinndsseyy / Via

15. When you feel personally attacked in public:


16. When you acknowledge your own faults:


17. But you obviously know that you were never truly "one of those kids":

18. When you refuse to hand over your $500 phone to a child:

americanhalfbreed / Via

19. When the idea of having kids makes you lose your breath:

sunnshinescavern / Via

20. When you realize how much you value sleep:

Netflix / Via

21. And finally, when you imagine what you would be like as a parent:

squishyfishfood / Via