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    23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Long Distance BFFs

    The countdown until you see each other again.

    1. The flight search which is a tab that is CONSTANTLY open on your computer just in case a flight to see your BFF gets super cheap.

    2. The flight confirmation that you check 13,304 times after booking because you're so damn excited to go see your BFF.

    3. And the huge number of boarding passes you have acquired after all the visits to see your BFF.

    4. The "holy shit we're in the same city" text.

    5. The countdown that tells you exactly how long it is until you see your BFF again.

    6. The hundreds of screenshots you have of your BFF making dumb faces during your Facetime sessions.

    7. This inevitable "i miss you" text with a picture to make you smile.

    8. The post card for all the times you have to travel without one another.

    9. The constant stream of voice memos because you can't Facetime or talk on the phone 24/7.

    10. The handwritten letters when texting and Facetime isn't enough.

    11. This mix CD so that you can pretend to jam in the car together on the way to Target.

    12. The care packages that make your whole damn week better.

    13. The "holy crap you are coming to see me soon" text realization.

    14. The weekly Facetime workout date so that you ALWAYS have a workout buddy.

    15. The weather app displaying both of your cities so that you know what kind of day your BFF is gonna have.

    16. The gift sent in the mail to celebrate when you can't be there to celebrate in person.

    17. The unexpected call from your BFF which means you'll stop whatever you're doing, final exam paper or not.

    18. The hug when you're FINALLY reunited.

    19. The "thank god we have unlimited texting" message total.

    20. The constant stream of thoughts texting conversation that literally never ends.

    21. The "we finally have the same Snapchat location filter" so we have to send each other selfies.

    22. The five minute conversation that turned into two hours.

    23. And the constant reminder that distance doesn't mean shit because you and your BFF love each other so much.