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21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Anyone With A Big Family

There's no such thing as leftovers.

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1. When you really want to watch Netflix but so does everyone else in your family:

2. When you never even had a chance to eat leftovers:

3. When you literally never have enough data:

4. When you barely have enough room to sign your name on a card:

5. When the dishes are never-ending:

6. When you have no idea whose baby was just born:

7. When your parents never remember your name:

8. When you forgot how many damn family members you actually have:

9. When your family won't even fit at one table:

10. When you go to get a fork and there are NONE LEFT:

11. When your family takes up three-fourths of the contact space on your phone:

12. When you have so many cousins you can't even keep track anymore:

13. When grocery shopping becomes quite the ordeal:

14. When you have to mark your territory:

15. When you've got cousins you didn't even know existed:

16. When your mom's got too many birthdays to keep track of:

17. When you key holder becomes overwhelmed:

18. When your entire house becomes a literal shoe closet:

19. When a regular photo just won't cut it:

20. When you get confused for one of your siblings:

21. And finally, when you wouldn't trade your big family for anything in the world:

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