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    Using Tampons, As Told By Disney Princesses

    Please don't make me take out a dry tampon ever again.

    1. When you saw a tampon for the first time and had to figure out how the hell it was gonna work:

    2. When you finally get it in but then have to pull it out and blood kinda flies everywhere:

    3. When you see a tampon commercial with some girl in a white dress jumping around happily:

    4. When you think your tampon is in correctly but then you start to walk and you realize it isn't, at all:

    5. When you have to add your used tampon to the already overflowing container in the public restroom:

    6. When you gotta really, really dig for the string:

    7. And when you just cannot locate the string, no matter how hard you search:

    8. When you flush your tampon down the toilet because you're at someone else's house and now you have to worry about a clog:

    9. When you open a new box and the fragrance of the tampons hits you hard:

    10. When you have to take out a dry tampon and you brace for pain:

    11. When you realize your tampon has been in for over four hours and now you're worried about TSS:

    12. When you feel the blood start to trickle down your string:

    13. When you have to pull out a really full tampon that expanded a little too much:

    14. When you forgot you already had a tampon in and you try to insert another one:

    15. When the string decides to dangle outside of your underwear:

    16. When you pee and leave your tampon in but then you gotta touch the wet string later on:

    17. How stores/society sometimes tries to make you feel when buying tampons:

    18. How you actually feel when buying tampons:

    19. And when you realize that there are more options now than ever before for ways to collect your monthly blood and you don't have to wear tampons if you don't wanna: