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21 Pictures About High School In The Midwest That Are Too Real

Senior pictures next to a hay bale.

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1. You had to be prepared for every kind of weather at all times...

@mikehen82 / Via

2. ... because you could go to school in a parka and boots and leave in flip flops and shorts.

@urbanmama1313 / Via

3. Your senior pictures probably involved bales of hay.

@ashleylynn_lawson / Via

4. There were multiple giant-ass trucks like this in your school parking lot.

@babied_not_beat_ / Via

5. And sometimes there was a straight-up TRACTOR there.

@blueoxorganics / Via

6. You TP'd a few houses to prove you were a ~total badass~.

http://@joel.bastien / Via

7. You had at least one friend who had some, uh, friends hanging up on the wall.

@xojco / Via

8. And honestly, hunting was so common that sometimes it just went too damn far.

@Bey0ndBr0kenxxx / Via Twitter: @Bey0ndBr0kenxxx

9. You definitely posed next to some corn at some point during your four years.

10. You're an expert at the tornado drill crouch.

@cabinet_jelly / Via Twitter: @Cabinet_Jelly

11. And you still freak out a little when you see a car missing a headlight.

@shrwdmtt / Via

12. You knew doing your hair before school was a waste of time since the wind was gonna fuck it up anyways.

@bellini_4 / Via

13. A legitimate excuse for being late was "farm equipment blocking the road."

@rmbillz / Via Twitter: @Rmbillz

14. Or, you know, a farm ANIMAL blocking the road.

sarbon123 / Via

15. Snow days were a blessing because you got a day off, but a curse because you had to make up those days in the summer.

@janiec629 / Via

16. You had a lot of classmates who wore shorts when it was 35 degrees outside because it "felt warm."

GelferStone / Via

17. You NEVER left home without an ice-scraper in your car.

thejoncarpenter / Via

18. And after September you got used to preparing your car for the worst in the school parking lot.

byutikee / Via

19. You knew a lot of people who rolled up to prom like this.

20. You got used to seeing these blue jackets and black skirts around the halls.

@_misshaleyjo / Via

21. And your favorite after-school snack was the one and only Polar Pop.

@dannyrcaraballo / Via
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