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19 Undeniable Perks Of Growing Up In A Small Town


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1. You and your friends were featured in the local newspaper pretty much ALL THE TIME.

Which means you knew all the #LocalCelebs.

2. The song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey takes on a whole new meaning for you.


3. The local stores were all owned by people you knew, so you could call them up whenever you needed something.

"Hiii Dave, can I have a wrench again?"

4. And you knew everyone featured on the signs around town, PERSONALLY.

That's Kelly's MOM! lol

5. Your town had an actual Main Street with little shops and eateries.

And probably a CLOCK TOWER.

6. Which meant that you could ALWAYS shop local and support your town.

And your friend's parents who probably owned the shop.

7. You were able to eat amazing food at a local diner, where the servers all knew you by name.

I'll have THE USUAL.

8. The food was always homemade.

:: starts salivating ::

9. Your town had several parades throughout the year where you could see your friends and family atop floats.

And get candy, obviously.

10. And the local high school's game nights were always a town outing.

With the schedules hung up all over town.

11. The same person cut your hair since you were a baby, meaning they did it JUST RIGHT every time.

And never judged you for how you chose to style your hair when you were 13.

12. And your doctor didn't even need to a consult a chart when they saw you, because they've treated you for your entire life.

And they LoVeD to tell you stories about your birth.

13. You had a special relationship with all the local livestock in that they were always showing up in your yard.


14. You could find all the BEST antiques in your town, because your town itself is basically an antique.

And spending your Saturday afternoons antique shopping > anything else.

15. People in your town actually enjoyed each other's company.

And often spent time together ON PURPOSE.

16. Traffic was never an issue.

Except during the PARADES!!!

17. If you were ever going through a hard time, someone would be there with a hot meal.

Or two, or three...

18. You grew up with the same people and attended every grade with them.

Kindergarten to graduation.

19. And no matter where you go in life, your small town will always be there ready to welcome you back.

With open arms.

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