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Nov 5, 2014

19 Texts That Prove Romance Is Alive And Well

Romance is alive and well.

1. This text proving you should brush up on your knowledge of great couples throughout history:


2. This message that offered up solutions for a couple in need:

3. This text perfect for reminding your boo you will always be with them:

4. This text that proves fandoms come in handy during a fight:

5. This text, which asks the important questions after a fight:

6. This text that will teach you a thing or two about making plans:

7. This text, which shows the value of completing each other's sentences:

8. This text proving that it never hurts to break out in song:

9. This text stating serious facts:

10. This text offering solid advice:

11. This text perfectly expressing someone's feelings:

12. This brutally honest text:

13. This text, which shows the importance of priorities:

14. This text utilizing the camera roll feature:

15. This text with the birthday surprise:

16. This inspirational text:

17. This text teaching us all how to use emojis:

18. This text, on the beauty of language:


19. And this text, which shows the importance of humor in a relationship:

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