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24 People Who Are Way More Passive-Aggressive Than You Are

Congratulations! Your parking is shit.

1. This restaurant employee who got real about the smoking area:

2. This mom who got serious about gift giving:

3. This kid who didn't get his own chocolate:

4. This roommate who brought Easter spirit early:


5. This person who left a message through their Wi-Fi name:


6. And this person who left another subtle message via Wi-Fi name:

7. This church with a message to all attendees:

8. This person with a step-by-step guide:

9. This person with the perfect response:

10. The person who will no longer put up with any shit:

11. This barista with a special message:

12. And this person who got creative with expiration dates:

13. This person who bought this cake for their co-worker's last day:

14. This roommate who got serious about milk theft:

15. This person who had a special message for Bob:

16. This mom who sent an important email:

17. This person who saw that congratulations were in order:

18. This person who used their lucky charm:

19. This person who needed to wipe their hands on something:

20. This person with a message for tailgaters:

21. This gym employee who knows how to give a compliment:

22. This person who was feeling extra generous:

23. This person with a missing sandwich:

24. And finally, this person who made the cake that says it all:

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