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    People Keep Making The Same Joke About "House Hunters" And It's Funny AF

    I'm a freelance hamster trainer, and I have a budget of $950K.

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    If you've ever seen an episode of House Hunters you know that sometimes the budget seems, uh...unrealistic.

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    So, naturally, people on the internet have been making jokes about it all day. It's glorious.


    [House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: I'm a freelance hamster trainer WIFE: And I tune harmonicas part-time HUSBAND: Our budget is $950K

    2. A blog about meat and beer.

    [House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: I'm a sandwich artist. WIFE: And I have a blog about meat and beer. HUSBAND: Our budget is $875K

    3. Selling used 8-track tapes is legit.

    [House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: "I sell used 8-track tapes" WIFE: "And I hang potatoes in people's garages" HUSBAND: Our budget is $950K

    4. Love those used-car air fresheners.

    {House Hunters} Husband: I sell used car air fresheners Wife: I teach sign language to local garden rabbits Both: Our budget is 1.2 mil

    5. Wow, a Dorito artist.

    [House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: I'm a Dorito artist WIFE: And I restore used napkins part time HUSBAND: And our budget is 1.2mil

    6. Stay-at-home astronaut.

    On the next House Hunters... Husband: I give slide whistle lessons. Wife: I'm a stay-at-home astronaut. BUDGET: $1.6M

    7. Restringing toy ukuleles is so important.

    [House Hunters episode] Husband: I restring toy ukulele's. Wife: and I volunteer at the blind dog shelter. Both: our budget is 900k

    8. Hat critics make $$$!

    House Hunters intro... HIM: I'm a hat critic for a blog. HER: I found a cigar box containing 2 gold coins. HIM: Our budget is $1.4m

    9. Realistic.

    [House Hunters] HUSBAND: I'm an office manager WIFE: And I'm a dentist HUSBAND: Our budget is $250k bc we like to live within our means

    10. *Laughs in incoherent Jawa language*

    [House Hunters Intergalactic] HUSBAND: I'm a half-witted nerf herder. WIFE: [incoherent Jawa language] HUSBAND: Our budget is $950K

    11. Subway sandwich artists make the world go round.

    (House Hunters episode) Husband: Hi, I blog for SB Nation. Wife: Hi, I'm a Subway sandwich artist. Husband: Our budget is $1.8 million.

    12. Gathering all those porcupine quills.

    [House Hunters Episode] Husband: I'm a porcupine quill gatherer Wife: I ghost write a testicular health blog Both: Our budget is $749K

    13. HUGE market for gently used toothbrushes.

    [House Hunters Episode] Husband: I sell gently used toothbrushes on eBay. Wife: I draw on eyebrows. Husband: Our budget is $950K

    14. The large birds will be thankful.

    {House Hunters Episode} Husband: I make floaty wings for large birds Wife: I teach early-2000s alternative to orphans Our budget is 950k

    15. Thank god for pizza delivery.

    [House Hunters Episode] Husband: I am a professional pizza delivery guy Wife: I am a substitute teacher Husband: Our budget is $975,000.

    16. *Thinking* about starting a fashion blog:

    [House Hunters Episode] Husband: I'm a dog walker Wife: I'm thinking about starting a fashion blog Both: Our budget is $938K

    17. So many seashells.

    [HOUSE HUNTERS EPISODE] HUSBAND: I collect sea shells WIFE: and I'm working on my PHD in spacial harmony HUSBAND: Our budget is $950k

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