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18 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Valentine's Day Than You Are

I like you... as a friend.

1. The person who received this teddy bear with an upside down face as a gift.

2. The person who received this passive-aggressive card.

3. The person who purchased grammatically incorrect cakes and didn't realize until it was too late.

4. This person who was turned down by Siri.

5. The person who had to try and pretend to like these Valentine's Day cookies.

6. The person who received a rejection in the form of candy heart.

7. And this person who spent money on heart-shaped pancake molds only to have them completely fail.

8. This person who sent a very nice Valentine's Day message and received a confused response.

9. The person who spent money on this Valentine's Day teddy bear, which was discarded with the trash.

10. This person who turned out to be the wrong Kim.

11. Anyone who received an oil change from their sweetie on Valentine's Day.

12. Anyone who made reservations at White Castle for Valentine's Day dinner.

13. Or anyone who had to resort to going to the Chevron gas station to get a Valentine's Day gift.

14. The person who received this text from their S.O.

15. The person who spent time and energy buying someone flowers, only to have the flowers end up in the trash.

16. The person who received this cross-stitched poem.

17. This person who was friend-zoned through a sweet treat.

18. And the person who received this passive-aggressive teddy bear.

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