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    28 Examples Of Flirting That Belong In A Damn Museum

    Talk flirty to me. (Sorry.)

    1. Send both, honestly.

    Imgur user: derbicus / Via

    2. Look at these people, sharing common interests.

    ollygollymolly / Via

    3. This person knows that it's the thought that counts.

    kyomado / Via

    4. This is...perfect.

    @i_should_be_on_a_diet_but_yolo / Via

    5. Sexting was just taken to a whoooole new level.

    Imgur User: HumbleBeast3 / Via

    6. Life is too short to be anything but straightforward.

    caarpenooctem / Via

    7. Just sometimes!

    unicornsbloodytears / Via

    8. Watch the moon do...what?

    @bigeyez13 / Via

    9. This person isn't afraid to ask for exactly what they want.

    zacharyfaust / Via

    10. Sign me the hell up.

    11. I preferred the "nice faih."

    thevelvetcrowbar / Via

    12. This is a hard offer to resist, if I do say so myself.

    triforce-guardian / Via

    13. Did we need to involve dogs in this??

    nonamecody / Via

    14. Don't we all want to be described as having a "pleasent chaotic energy?"

    15. At least they asked nicely.

    freeasabiardfaraway / Via

    16. Just so we're clear here...

    am-only-human / Via

    17. I think I just started crying.

    smilingroar / Via

    18. Geometry is really hard, so this is actually, like, a really nice offer.

    goddamnit-fred / Via

    19. Puns should always be used.

    lifeoutsidethelimelight / Via

    20. I mean, it's a valid question.

    handsupforhypocrisy / Via

    21. This was really beautiful.

    22. Why waste time? Let's get straight to the point.

    justdroppedthatthunthunthun / Via

    23. Priorities have to be established.

    c-ori-n / Via

    24. We have to eat dinner!

    forthe-loveof-kanye / Via

    25. you?

    me flirting: U got anxiety too or no?

    26. If this isn't love, I don't know what is.

    shane-stormborn / Via

    27. I mean, honesty is always the best policy.

    @rosecitypinup / Via

    28. This is so...thoughtful?