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    17 Of The Most Romantic Gestures Of All Time

    And they say romance is dead.

    1. This classic poem:

    2. This romantic text:

    3. And this romantic text:

    4. This hand-made note with a gift:

    5. This sweet stuffed animal:

    6. This hand painted masterpiece:

    7. This honest, romantic text:

    8. This person's efforts to make sure their loved one isn't bored:

    9. This proposal:

    10. This loving card:

    11. This mix CD:

    12. This nice note to come home to:

    13. This hand written confession of love:

    14. This admittance of true ~ feelings ~:

    15. This well thought out confession of love:

    16. This passionate treat:

    17. And this heartfelt poem: