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29 Of The Most Mom Texts That Have Ever Happened

Hi. Love, mom.

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1. This mom who tried to show her kids her cracked iPhone screen by taking a screenshot.

my mom cracked her screen and tried to tell us about it by sending a screenshot and didn't know why we were confused

2. This mom who is "down with the technology" and wants you to know it.

3. This mom who never misses an opportunity to send a picture of her dog.

4. This mom who has all the jokes.

5. This mom who just makes up her own acronyms.

6. This mom who tried to use voice to text and got out of control.

My mom got a smart phone last week

7. This mom who loves dropping hints that are not subtle at all whatsoever.

8. This mom who felt the need to explain her emojis.

9. This mom who allowed her dog to drive.

10. This mom who just really wants to know what these emojis even are.

11. This mom who has her priorities in order.

12. This mom who pretends stuffed animals can text.

13. This mom who knows what kind of questions to ask.

14. This mom who values her sleep above all else.

15. This mom who always buys the latest gadgets.

16. This mom who appreciates your life updates but is busy.

17. This mom who uses hashtags in texts because she's #hip and #withit.

18. This mom giving out free music suggestions.

19. This mom who loves a good knock-knock joke.

20. This mom with all the dad jokes.

21. This mom who just cannot be bothered.

22. This mom who just tells it exactly as she sees it.

23. This mom who is not down with using GIFs in texts.

24. This mom who doesn't give AF about your mild complaints.

25. This mom who doesn't know how to turn off caps.

26. This mom who wants her presence to be known, but doesn't feel the need to say anything.

27. This mom who allows horses to use her phone.

28. This mom who is very aware of gossip and wants you to know it.

29. And this mom who doesn't give a damn.

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