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"Mean Girls" As Told From The Perspective Of Kevin G.

He doesn't let the haters stop him from doing his thang.

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Kevin Gnapoor aka Kevin G. was living his best life in high school. He was on his way to getting a great academic scholarship, having a bangin' side career as an MC, and landing the girl of his dreams.

For MONTHS, he had been planning his entrance back into Janis's life. Right when he felt like he finally got up the courage, new girl showed up. And just like that, she was in Janis's life. Kevin was confused. He didn't know what to do.

But then the worst happened...even the Mathletes were talking about her. Kevin knew he had to act quickly before his dream of a Mathlete jacket was ruined forever. So he began to devise a plan.

He wanted two things out of his junior year of high school; 1) to win a Mathlete competition and 2) to make Janis Ian fall for him. And NO ONE, not even a new girl named after a golf club carrier, was going to stop him.

When he got to his FAVORITE class that day, he noticed with disdain that the new girl sat next to him. And even worse, she was GOOD at math. Like, really good. He began to write her a note, welcoming her to the new school. He needed to befriend her.

Suddenly, he could see it all. If he could get Cady to join the Mathletes, he could successfully get closer to Janis AND win the competition. He was going to kill two birds with one stone.

But before he could pass the note, he saw her look as Aaron Samuels, aka proof that god isn't real, turned toward her. He crumpled up his note and shoved it in his pocket because he refused to litter. He needed time to think.

Later that day at lunch, he watched as the Plastic bags spoke to Cady. He got nervous, but forced himself to remain calm, trusting that someone who was so good at calculus couldn't be so bad at judging character.

He watched as she pretended to have no idea what she was talking about in class, and contemplated throwing his pen at her. But it was his favorite pen, so he just watched.

So he invited her to another Mathlete event, this time when Ms. Norbury was LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Cady was shocked, but walked out never to return. He focused on equations and told himself not to give up.

Before he knew it, it was time for the Winter Talent Show. He was determined to stop thinking about how Cady was ruining his junior year, and just focus on his possible music career.

Thanks to Ms. Norbury, Cady joined the Mathletes, and when it finally came time for the Mathlete competition, Kevin put his game face on. He had come so far, there was no going back now.

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