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23 Lessons You Learn In Your Early Twenties

None of us have any idea what we're doing.

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2. You learn that no one really cares about your GPA and that college didn't actually prepare you for much.

4. And you learn that budgeting is ESSENTIAL and will be forced upon you by student loan payments that you can no longer defer.

7. You begin to realize that money is not everything, but it sure as hell is something.


So while your friends may be making loads more than you... remember that money isn't the key to happiness. But you also have to learn to negotiate and know what you deserve.


9. But you also learn how equally important it is to know your worth and know when to walk away from a place that doesn't recognize your worth.

10. You learn that no matter how you pictured your life in your twenties, chances are you won't be anywhere near where you thought would be.


18. You begin to realize that your body is worth investing in.

So treat it right.