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26 Times Kourtney Kardashian Proved She's A Fashion Queen

Can we keep up with Kourtney?

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2. The time she paired a Chanel bag with overalls and we never questioned her again.

3. The time she wore just a men's flannel shirt and looked like she belonged on a catwalk.

4. The time she wore wide-leg jeans and slayed while her child played in the background.

Mom goals.


6. And when she showed off her baby bump in this floor-length dress.

8. The time she wore this hat while on a boat and we suddenly wanted to buy several hats.

9. Like, why even bother wearing a hat unless you're Kourtney?!

10. Seriously, girl can rock a hat.

12. The time she stunned in all white while simultaneously giving us the best candid pose of all time.

13. And the time she looked like a real cowgirl.

14. The time she sat in her closet wearing distressed jeans and a fur jacket while holding a cat.

15. And the time when her pajamas were more fabulous than 50% of your wardrobe.

17. And the time she wore this shirt with flamingos on it.

18. The time she looked bohemian chic on the top of a mountain.

19. And the time she wore Daisy Dukes and her daughter was like, "Mom, you're so cool."

20. The time she was literally wearing workout clothes and still looked fashionable AF.

21. And the time she paired knee-high boots with a leather jacket.

23. The time she wore bunny ears and still looked chic AF. 🐰

24. The time she gave us serious denim shirt envy.

25. And the time when she wore a black furry jacket and leather pants while driving.

26. And the time when she was literally a fashion QUEEN.