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Kim Kardashian West Used To Be Kourtney's D.D. When They Were Younger

Somebody's gotta do it.

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Kim recently paid a visit to Watch What Happens Live and spilled some tea about her former days as her sister's designated driver, or D.D.

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Kim has always lead a pretty clean (ie: limited alcohol) lifestyle which, according to Kim, was thanks to her father Robert Kardashian.

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She went on to explain that in her younger years, Kourtney was a big drinker, which lead to Robert Kardashian asking Kim to watch after her sister.

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"My dad was well aware, so every weekend, when I was 14, he would teach me to drive his car."


Cell phones didn't exist at the time so Robert asked Kim to accompany Kourtney on the weekends and make sure she arrived home safely.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

"He would say, 'Call me from the house phone, I don't care what time it is, drive everyone home, and call me when you get to your last destination.'"

The plan backfired a little bit when Kim became known as the D.D.

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"I felt this responsibility of driving everyone, and then everyone would take advantage of me. People would literally only have me hang out just to drive everyone home."