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21 Reminders Of How We Used To Dress In The '00s

Denim on denim.

1. The early '00s was a time of fishnets and platform shoes.

2. Body glitter, denim, and choker necklaces ran rampant.

3. And you couldn't wear jeans without wearing a dress over the jeans.

4. You only wore a scarf if you didn't need it to provide you with warmth at all, whatsoever.

5. And trucker hats were all the rage.

6. Bucket hats were essential to completing any outfit.

7. And denim on denim was ALWAYS a must.

8. Army attire was crucial for blending in with ~fashion~.

9. And one did not leave the house without a paperboy hat and poncho ensemble.

10. It was very uncool to be in daylight without tinted sunglasses.

11. And long-sleeve shirts that actually didn't cover your sleeves were the only way to go.

12. Blue eyeshadow went perfectly with every single outfit.

13. And tube tops were perfect for any occasion!

14. Jeans with chains really made keeping tack of your money much easier.

15. And wearing belts that didn't actually do anything was all the rage.

16. And if you were wanting to cinch your waist, you made sure it was the largest belt possible.

17. Jeans that swallowed your entire legs were ideal.

18. And jean skirts were hip to dip ... it low.

19. Belts needed to have as many holes as possible.

20. Velour track suits were essential when running errands.

21. And, of course, you only wore capris with a skirt over them.