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    Jan 13, 2016

    31 Questions We Have For Gynecologists

    Do you know how much power you have?

    1. How many vaginas have you seen today?

    2. Like, a lot?

    3. How does mine rank...?

    4. Is my vagina normal?

    5. Does my vagina look like what it's supposed to look like?

    6. Do I smell OK? Do other women's vaginas smell way different than mine?

    7. WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH PUBIC HAIR ANYWAY?? I never know what's in style these days.

    8. Do I have the right style?

    9. IS there a right style?

    10. Can you tell I haven't groomed in a while?


    11. Do you find pubic hair on your clothes?

    12. Do you go to someone else or just look at your own vagina?

    13. What made you decide to pursue a profession involving vaginas? I mean, THANK YOU, but just wondering?

    14. Do vaginas REALLY get bigger after childbirth?

    15. What does it feel like in there? Is it warm?

    16. Do you recognize women by their vaginas?

    17. Has anyone ever farted on you?

    18. Do you think you could...maybe warm up the speculum?

    19. Just for like 20 seconds?

    20. Could you maybe put something entertaining on the ceiling to stare at?


    21. Do you feel weird having a conversation with me about my job while touching me on the ~inside~?

    22. Have you ever experienced vagina envy?

    23. Have you ever seen a famous person's vagina?

    24. What's your favorite brand of tampon?

    25. What birth control are YOU on?

    26. Am I going to get TSS because I slept with a tampon in all night?

    27. Do tampons deteriorate inside of you and leave cotton floating around forever?

    28. Can your vagina really feel "loose"?

    29. Does everyone's vagina itch?


    31. you know how much power you have?


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